Cuoghi Batch Plants

Established in 1960 CUOGHI Batching and Mixing plants are entirely made in Italy.
Thanks to their flexibility in designing and manufacturing, CUOGHI can offer the best CUSTOMIZED solutions.

Cuoghi can offer WET or DRY Plants:

  • The Wet Plant is equipped with a Stationary Mixer where the batched aggregates, the water and the binder are introduced and mixed together.
  • The Dry Plant is essentially a batching plant; mixing all of the components in a Concrete Truck.

Cuoghi have recently designed a new concept to revolutionise the way in which high-quality ready-mix concrete is produced.
The CHTT pre-blends water, cement and additives first to produce a pre-hydrated cement paste which is then pumped to the loading point of a dry concrete plant, or into the mixer of a wet or precast concrete plant. It then blends the paste with the aggregates to form a perfectly mixed concrete.

Cuoghi Equipment

For more information on any of the equipment Cuoghi can offer, please contact us or visit Cuoghi website