Production Board Pallets for Concrete Blocks

• Fabrico and Synthetico hardwood production boards have a density of 1000kg/m3; much more than softwood boards.

• High density of boards help vibrations to pass efficiently from Vibration Table to the concrete and mould.

• Surfaces are reinforced with an embedded steel mesh helping transmission of vibration uniformly over the complete surface.

• Much lesser deflection than Softwood Pallets.

• Board surface stays smooth even after continuous use, while softwood board surface deteriorates exponentially.

• Softwood boards are made from multiple wooden pieces held together; and the gap between them increases with time. Our Boards are one single continuous surface.

• The individual wooden pieces in softwood have a tendency to warp, while these boards have a single large surface.

• Can be sanded upto 3 times to re-create new surface.

• At the end of life, boards can be sent back to factory for complete renovation, resurfacing and relaminating.

• Hardwood fibres are held together using waterproof glue, minimising the effect of water on the board.

• Boards offer much much longer lifespan as compared to Softwood boards.

• Available in all sizes with thickness up to 70mm

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